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    Industry leaders in Technology & Creative Interpretation.
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    Industry leaders in Technology & Creative Interpretation.
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    Industry leaders in Technology & Creative Interpretation.
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    Industry leaders in Technology & Creative Interpretation.


What We Do

Award Winning Interpretive Solutions

Tour-Mate Systems Limited is an award winning interpretive solutions provider with clients all across the globe. We are a full service provider able to accomodate any request including ground-up content creation, interpretation consulting, and the purchase or rental of an interpretive system.

We have been offering Interpretive Solutions since 1988 and have worked with venues all over the globe. Millions of people have taken Tour-Mate tours in museums, art galleries, historic sites, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, national parks and commercial establishments. Our high quality, easy to use hardware and software, as well as our approach to content creation, ensures that each visitor has a significantly enhanced and memorable experience.

Content Creation

Start-to-finish audio and multimedia tour content creation: writing, editing, production

Interpretive Products

Deliver your content on a wide variety of media platforms

5 Day Guarantee

We offer a 5 day turn-around guarantee for hardware maintenance - fastest in the industry!

Service Solutions

We offer multiple plans to ensure your system is always in perfect working condition, allowing you to choose the best route for your business

Content Management

Our Edit software ensures your content is never static! You have the ability to edit and change your tours over time, organizing them as you see fit! Reorder, revise, and refresh!

Great Customer Service

Our customer service team will work with you to provide the best possible experience from start to finish. We are proud to be known in the industry for the care and attention we give to each one of our clients- no exceptions

Accessible Interpretation

We offer solutions that cater to differently-abled individuals, in hopes that our solutions are as accessible as possible. Braille signage, low-grip turning handles, induction loops, and more.

Contact Us!

Call 800-216-0029 or 416-636-5654 to speak with a Client Services staff member!

Latest Technology and Hardware

Featured Clients

National Museum Of The Pacific War National Museum Of The Pacific War
Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse And Museum Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse And Museum
Sainte Marie Among The Hurons Sainte Marie Among The Hurons
Museum Of Russian Icons Museum Of Russian Icons
Discovery Harbour Discovery Harbour
Vizcaya Museum And Gardens Vizcaya Museum And Gardens
Mount Rushmore Mount Rushmore
Flagler Museum Flagler Museum
Mission Mission
Illinois Holocaust Museum And Education Center Illinois Holocaust Museum And Education Center
BC Hydro BC Hydro
Sacramento History Museum Sacramento History Museum
Betsy Ross House Betsy Ross House

Client Testimonials

  • Sainte-Marie among the Hurons and Discovery Harbour

    Sainte-Marie among the Hurons and Discovery Harbour have offered Tour Mate Wands to the General Public since 2010. The following are testimonials from our guests on using the wands. “Simply outstanding! I truly cannot think of any other words to offer!” and “It was very informative and helped a lot.”

  • Sacramento History Museum

    "We’re really happy with the TM600 Tour-Mate system, which serves The Sacramento History Museum’s three tour programs beautifully. The Museum needed to upgrade from a radio frequency sound system to digital, and Tour-Mate’s system provides improved sound quality with a price that fit our budget, and comes with extremely responsive service.

    The Tour-Mate units are lightweight and small (guides portray 19th Century characters and hide the transmitters in their costumes) and easy to maintain. And we know we’ll get a quick and friendly response to our maintenance and operations questions. That’s really important to us."

    Tour Manager
    Sacramento History Alliance and Sacramento History Museum
  • BC Hydro

    "I just wanted to let you know that setup of the audio tours went really well at all three centres and all devices are running well… Thanks again for all your help, we have to say that we’re so excited at how easy the pieces are to use and how it took just a few minutes to set everything up including the security alerts."

    Jaclyn D’Souza
    Marketing Specialist, Visitor Centres

    "The wands are certainly a hit. We’ll be looking to add more languages over the next few years and perhaps even more tour “stops” on each tour."

    Kiran Gill Judge
    Manager, Visitor Centres
  • Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

    "When we made the switch to TourMate Systems, inc. from a major competitor, we did so with confidence that both the products and the client services provided to us would be far superior than what we'd been served as the industry standard. The SC550 continues to be a customer favorite for its easy to use design and intuitive programming. The TourMate team on whole continues to exceed our expectations around every turn, nearly a decade after beginning to work with them."

    Flagler Museum
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano

    "Mission San Juan Capistrano is a California mission, historic landmark, and museum located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. We welcome 300,000 guests every year, and strive to share our mission of education, inspiration, and preservation with all who visit. Our audio tour, developed with Tour-Mate Systems, helps our organization provide a high quality educational experience to all who visit. It has been a pleasure working with Tour-Mate’s creative team in developing our tour, which incorporates, storytelling, music, and history. Our guests remark at the quality of the tour, and walk away with a better appreciation and understanding of the Mission’s significance as a historic, cultural and religious site. We are pleased with Tour-Mate’s top rate customer service and have found the entire system of audio tour equipment easy to use in our daily operations."

    Megan Dukett
    Education and Interpretive Program Director
  • Museum of Russian Icons

    “The Museum of Russian Icons has been Tour Mate customers for twelve years. Visitors love being able to access so much additional content at their own pace.”

    Tara Young
    Deputy Director
  • Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

    “As a Museum that values the power of storytelling to teach, learn, and inspire our audiences on the history and lessons of the Holocaust, the Tour-Mate system enables our guides with a high-level of clarity and meaning to connect with our visitors on a personal and more intimate level. They have enabled us to grow our tour program for both student and adults, and allowed them to share the same galleries without diminishing the experience or effectiveness of the tour quality because the guides are able to have an almost “private” conversation with their groups, providing another level of human connection for both our docents and the visitors.”

    Kelley Szany
    Director of Education

Featured Installations