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FAQ – General

General FAQ 

Why an Interpretive Solution?

Ideally, each visitor to your site would be accompanied by a knowledgeable, friendly, personal guide. For most institutions this is neither practical nor within their budgets. An Interpretive Solution in the form of an audio or multimedia tour is always available to enhance a visitor’s experience, regardless of when the visitor arrives on site or how long the visitor wishes to stay. The messages delivered by an audio or multimedia device are always accurate, informative, and consistent with your institution’s interpretive objectives. One never has to worry about unauthorized or abridged versions of your information being delivered to your visitors.

How do I get started?

Call 800.216.0029, or e-mail us at to request that a Client Service representative contact you. Our staff will assist you in defining what you wish to communicate, who you wish to communicate to, and what delivery platform and content creation options are available within your budget parameters.

Can I get references?

We will provide you with as many references as you would like. With over 800 clients in North America and around the globe, we can give you client references with interpretive missions similar to yours, institutions of similar size, institutions who have switched to Tour-Mate from other interpretive entities, or institutions in your geographic area. Just ask!

Why Tour-Mate?

There are a number of reasons to choose Tour-Mate. First, we believe that we provide great value. Our attractive pricing coupled with the ‘gold standard’ for service means that you will be well taken care of, both at the beginning of the acquisition process, and for many years into the future. Secondly, we provide a broad range of products and services enabling us to address the interpretive delivery requirements for different types of visitors. Thirdly, we empower our clients, giving them the tools, training and ownership of their tour content. Fourthly, we have the in-house technical expertise to address custom technical requirements that sometimes arise with projects. Lastly, we have been actively involved in the provision of interpretation for over 30 years and have hundreds of satisfied clients.

How long does it take to complete an audio tour?

The correct answer to this is, ‘it depends’. To create a tour from scratch where you would have Tour-Mate’s production team write and produce a tour (with input from your institution’s staff) usually will take 3-4 months. Variables that can affect the production timetable include:

  • Number of tours to be created
  • Number of stops for each tour
  • Number of languages in which tours are to be produced
  • Production requirements and content creation goals
  • Number of delivery platforms and quantity of hardware (if the delivery platform is hardware based)

As a general rule, researching and writing the content takes about half of the time, and production, equipment shipping, and installation makes up the other half. As such, if your institution is providing its own scripts, the ‘time to installation’ or ‘going live’ would be significantly reduced. If your institution has a tour already written and produced, then ‘going live’ can often be accommodated in a matter of 6-8 weeks.

Can an audio tour system be used if we have docents?

Absolutely. Well trained, knowledgeable, and outgoing docents are the ideal. Providing docent led tours to all visitors, regardless of the size of the group and/or the time visitors arrive at your institution may not however, be practical from an operational perspective. If you have a sufficient number of docents to handle all of your visitation, we would encourage you to consider acquiring one of our Group Guide systems. Use of these devices ensures that docents will be clearly heard by all visitors and reduces the potential for docents to suffer from voice strain.