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About Us

Tour-Mate’s Story

Tour-Mate has been offering Interpretive Solutions since 1988. Millions of people have taken Tour-Mate tours in museums, art galleries, historic sites, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, national parks and commercial establishments. Through our high quality, easy to use hardware and software, as well as our approach to content creation we have helped sites across the globe to provide a significantly enhanced visit experience. Offering services including but not limited to: script creation, production, translation, and recording; our experienced content creation team can assist you each step of the way in ensuring that you communicate your interpretive vision to your visitors in a fun and engaging way. Tour-Mate’s preferred approach to creating content is to treat it as a ‘work for hire’. One of the features of content as a ‘work for hire’ is that all tour copyrights that would normally attach to Tour-Mate, would transfer to your institution upon completion of the project. Tour-Mate offers clients a fully integrated interpretive experience on multiple platforms. Our products include handheld audio and multimedia guides, fixed-in-place outdoor audio platforms, mobile app creation, and equipment for guided group tours. Taking care of our clients’ needs is the cornerstone of our success. Whether your institution has one hundred visitors or one million visitors annually, your total satisfaction is our primary goal. Once a Tour-Mate Interpretive Solution is in place, we view it as only the beginning of our on-going relationship. We see it as our responsibility to ensure that your interpretive solution runs smoothly.

Management Team

Neil Poch


Neil Poch established Tour-Mate in 1988. Prior to establishing Tour-Mate, Mr. Poch had a successful career with large multinational companies in consumer package goods, marketing, and in market research/marketing consulting. Mr. Poch is based in Toronto and directs the Company’s international sales and marketing efforts as well as oversees the day-to-day administration of the Company.

Shahar Chudy

Director of Operations

Shahar Chudy has been a vital member of the Tour-Mate family since 2001. Mr. Chudy has an extensive background in Electronics Manufacturing and Communications Technology, working in both the civilian and military sectors. Based in Toronto, Mr. Chudy oversees hardware development, manufacturing, service and technical support associated with Tour-Mate’s products.

Mirna El-Sayed

Director of Marketing and Sales

Mirna joined Tour-Mate team late 2021. Ms. El-Sayed has a strong strategic operations management background and experience in both local and international businesses. Mirna leads a dedicated and passionate Marketing & Sales team to establish successful client relationships and expand Tour-Mate’s footprint in many regions.