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Accessible Interpretation

Accessible Interpretation

It is crucial in our world today to ensure that your site is as accessible as possible. Here at Tour-Mate, as we endeavor to make museums, galleries, and attractions more enjoyable and memorable for visitors, we do our best to extend this philosophy to include all people.
We are aware that this part of the job is never done- it is an ongoing and ever-changing process. Since we make or own most of our product designs, we have the freedom to alter and tailor each solution to meet your specific requirements.
If you have a question, or idea- ask our Client Services staff! We would love to work with you to find the right answer for your needs and budget.

Here are a number of solutions that were created with differently-abled individuals in mind:

 Raised Keys: This standard component comes on all our Listening Wands and Group Guide systems. It features a raised center button, allowing for easy identification and navigation simply by touch.

 TalkBack Feature: Android TalkBack is an accessibility service that assists vision impaired individuals by voicing the words displayed on their device. This feature is available on our TourMedia Touch+.

 Talking Keypad: Our Standard & Mini SC600 Listening Wands come with a talking keypad. This allows individuals with visual impairment to hear the stop number and find their bearings along the tour, avoiding confusion.

 Printed Tours: A simple and reliable solution to assist your hearing impaired guests. Possible with any tour.

 Induction Loops: Allows individuals wearing a hearing aid to have the audio delivered directly into their device. This is available for Listening Wands, Touch +, and Tour-Mate Eco Products.

 Braille: The Braille Overlay Keypad works as simple as a sticker and is applied directly on top of the keypad. It is available on most of our devices.

 Low Grip Handles: A feature of our eco-friendly EB150. The low-grip handle allows individuals with little to no use of their hands, or those with low gripping strength, to have equal access to the audio information.

 Audio Described Tours: This feature consists of an in depth narration of the tour and its surroundings. It is intended to assist those who are blind or visually impaired.

 GPS/RF Triggering: Tour content is automatically triggered to play as the user walks along the site. This allows users with limited dexterity to participate without the need to key in a number.