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TM600 Digital Group Guide System

TM600 Digital Group Guide System

Connecting Groups To Leaders Over Digital Channels

Compact, lightweight, and extremely versatile, the TM600 Digital Group Guide is a revolutionary interpretive system that allows multiple docents to operate on a single channel.

The innovative TM600 allows the possibility of 2 transmitters operating simultaneously on the same channel. In other words 2 tour leaders, or a tour leader and a guide may simultaneously speak to the tour group without the risk of losing the signal or interference. Furthermore, there are 100 channels to choose from on the units.

Operating in the 2.4 GHz digital band, the TM600 Digital Group Guide System can be used virtually anywhere in the world. This means that travel agencies don’t need to buy separate tour guide systems for tours in Europe, Asia and America, as the digital bandwidth is freely available on all continents.

Other basic features of the TM600 Digital Group Guide System:

  • The receivers automatically turn-off when there is no signal from the transmitter for more than 20 minutes
  • Automatic synchronization of the receivers with the transmitter (to the same channel)
  • The transmitter has a built-in microphone and an additional AUX-IN input
  • LCD display with battery level indicator
  • Microphone mute function on the transmitter (MUTE)
  • Automatic key lock

For full product specifications, please download the TM600 Brochure:

TM600 Product Specification Sheet