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Service & Warranty

Servicing and Warranty

Tour-Mate stands behind all the products it manufactures or distributes. Unless otherwise indicated, equipment provided by Tour-Mate is warranted for one year from the date of delivery. Unlike warranties offered by other vendors, a Tour-Mate warranty (parts and labor) covers all malfunctions attributable to not only manufacturing defects but also normal wear and tear.

At Tour-Mate we are aware that sometimes the visiting public can be rough on equipment. Our commitment to our clients is timely support and repair equipment or system malfunctions. As such, we guarantee that during the Warranty Period, any malfunctioning equipment shipped to one of Tour-Mate’s repair depots located either in Victor, NY or Toronto, ON, shall be serviced and shipped back within five (5) business days from receipt of the malfunctioning equipment.

Full warranty information on Tour-Mate products and systems is available from Tour-Mate Sales and Marketing personnel.

Service Depots

US Depot

1290 Blossom Drive Suite D
Victor, NY 14564

Toll Free: (800) 216-0029
Email: [email protected]

Head Office and Canadian Depot

137 St. Regis Crescent South
Toronto, ON M3J 1Y6

Telephone: (416) 636-5654
Toll Free: (800) 216-0029
Fax: (416) 636-9541
Email: [email protected]