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FAQ – Finance

Finance FAQ 

What are my platform acquisition options?

For hardware based platforms, we offer equipment on an outright purchase, self-liquidating or term lease, rental, or revenue share arrangement (universal or voluntary distribution). We can also tailor a hybrid solution that meets your specific requirements (e.g. seasonal variations to equipment requirements, high season/low season payment rates that more closely mirror your revenue inflows, etc). For interpretive systems where there is no hardware provided i.e. cellular and smartphone systems, fees are based upon term length, system usage, and/or services required.

What if we need additional equipment but only for specific, short periods within each year?

We can build in the provision of variable amounts of equipment for a lease, rental, or revenue share arrangement. For hardware purchases, you can opt for temporary equipment rentals to reach seasonal, or peak visitation requirements.

Can I pay by credit card?

Mastercard and Visa accepted. A fee to cover additional administrative work may apply.

If I choose to rent or lease a system, can I convert this into a purchase? Will I forfeit all monies already paid as lease or rental fees?

You can always convert a rental or a lease into a purchase. For rentals which are converted into a purchase, we will credit a portion of the rental fees which have been paid toward the system purchase price. Buy-outs of leases will depend upon the length of time left in the lease and what has been included into the lease agreement (e.g. content, hardware, etc.)

How much will service cost? Can I ‘lock in’ my future service costs?

Service rates vary by platform. Discounts are available for multi-year service agreements which are paid in advance. If pre-payment is not an option, you can lock in your annual service rate for an annual non-cancelable fee. Speak to a Client Service representative about the service options available to you.

Universal distribution or voluntary distribution – which makes the most sense for us?

Universal Distribution is when a location includes the tour for every single visitor, where as Voluntary Distribution allows visitors to decide whether or not they opt for the tour. Each institution operates with different constraints. Your Client Service representative can assist you in determining whether a universal or voluntary distribution approach would be best for you.

What is the minimum length of time for which I can rent or lease a system?

There is no minimum. We have rented systems for as little as a few hours. Each rental is customized to address the specific requirements of the client.