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FAQ – Content Creation

Content Creation FAQ 

Who creates the content?

It is entirely up to you. You can create and produce your content yourself, or with a third party, or you can contract with Tour-Mate to create all, or some of your content.

Who owns the content?

Our philosophy toward content is that it should be owned by the client exclusively. This means that should you contract with Tour-Mate to create your content, it will be treated as a ‘work for hire’. Once we have received full payment for any content that we have created, those copyrights which would attach to Tour-Mate, transfer to the client. If the cost of creating your content has been built into a lease or revenue share arrangement with Tour-Mate, ownership of your content will vest at the completion of the initial term of the agreement.

Do I have to use Tour-Mate to create content?

Absolutely not! While we welcome the opportunity to work with you and your colleagues to create captivating content, we do not obligate our clients to use us for creation of their tours.

Can we have a celebrity narrator?

You can have a celebrity narrator but talent fees for a celebrity will be greater than for a professional narrator whose voice is not well recognized. If you feel that the inclusion of a celebrity will increase your tour’s uptake amongst visitors, add to the tour’s credibility, or generate significant positive publicity for your institution, then you may feel that the extra costs associated with contracting with a celebrity narrator are justified.

Can we have foreign languages on the same program?

Yes you can have a multilingual program.

Can we include our own experts, staff members and/or Board members as narrators?

Yes you can. This is often something worth considering, as comments from those intimately associated with your institution will likely add to the perceived credibility of your content.

How do we choose a narrator?

If you decide to work with Tour-Mate to create your content, our producers will work with your team to determine the tone, or mood, that you are trying to set with your tour(s). They will then develop a shortlist of potential narrators for you to consider; narrators whose voices they feel will assist in achieving the tour’s goals. While our producers will make narrator suggestions, the ultimate decision will rest with you and your team. After all, it is your tour.

What about music and sound effects?

Music and sound effects can greatly enhance the impact of a tour. They can assist in fostering a mood, or conjuring up a period in history. As with narrators, our producers will work with your team to select music and sound effects that enhance the narration and increase the impact of the narrative.

Can I change my content after we receive the system?

Absolutely. We make the necessary edit software available to our clients. No matter what platform, or platforms are selected for tour delivery, clients can easily change and/or update tour content. Consistent with our approach to content creation in general, you may wish to include us in modifying your tour(s) or you may wish to undertake tour changes internally or via a third party.

What are my options for content creation? How much can Tour-Mate help me?

YOUR TOUR. YOUR CHOICE! We can help a little, a lot, or not at all. If you have talented people on staff who can write and/or produce content, then you may not wish to involve Tour-Mate in Content Creation. If you have the ability to write your tour, you may only want to contract with us for production services. If you lack the writing and/or production resources internally, you may want us to create your content from ‘soup to nuts’. This is your tour. You decide how much, or how little you want us to be involved.

How long does it take for content to be complete?

Creating memorable content takes time. Our approach to creating content leans toward collaboration. We actively seek to have creative input from those connected to the attraction. While this tends to result in longer production timelines, the inclusion of people committed to the process results in a greater commitment to the end product. No two attractions’ requirements will be exactly the same. If we are selected by you to create your content, we will develop a content creation timeline that fits within your time frame parameters and ensures that your tour(s) will ‘go live’ exactly as scheduled.