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TC100 Tethered Cable Audio

TC100 Tethered Cable Audio

Providing Stationary Audio Indoors

The TC100 is a fixed in place tethered Audio Wand station. This platform is an ideal interpretive option for sites requiring a stationary audio that will not disturb the experience of other visitors. To receive audio messaging, visitors would use the tethered Audio Wand and enter a code to play the messaging.

The Audio Wand is tethered with a steel cable to an Interface Box. The Wand is powered via an AC adapter. The Pocket Plate is mounted in or adjacent to the exhibit in a client provided enclosure. The Pocket Plate holds the Wand(s) when not being used. The exhibit would contain a numerical identifier to identify which messages are available using the Wand’s keypad.

The messages are programmed into each wand’s mini-SD memory card prior to shipping.

The Wand can support up to 99 different languages or tours and 395,604 unique messages.

Each TC100 Audio Station Tour-Mate will supply the following:

  • Tethered Wand (one or two per station)
  • Mini-SD memory card (one per Wand)
  • Steel Pocket Mounting Plate (with two pockets)
  • Wall AC/DC Power Adapter

For full product information, please refer to the downloadable TC100 brochure and the TC100 product specification sheet.

TC100 Specification Sheet