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FAQ – Service

Service FAQ 

Must I enroll in an extended service and maintenance program?

No. Beyond the warranty provided for our hardware platforms, an extended service and maintenance program, while recommended, is optional. If your institution does not elect to enroll in one of our service and maintenance programs, we will automatically enroll you in our ‘as needed’ service program. Service would then be provided upon request, at our prevailing service rates.

How long can I count on service for my system?

As a matter of policy, those institutions which enroll in our extended service and maintenance programs are guaranteed that we will maintenance their hardware on a ‘fit, form, and function’ basis for at least 5 years. For most systems, you should be able to count on Tour-Mate providing service for your equipment well beyond the 5 year mark. Even when we discontinue a product, we make sure to inventory a large quantity of spare parts, enabling us to repair equipment down the line. Currently, we have many systems still in operation in excess of 10 years after installation.

What is the turnaround time for hardware repairs?

Standard turn around time for equipment which is shipped to one of our repair depots is five (5) business days (from receipt of the malfunctioning equipment until return shipment). Please note that the actual length of time that you will be without equipment which has been returned for service and/or repair will also depend upon the shipping service which you choose. Ground service can take up to 5 days in each direction (inbound and outbound). Express service, while more expensive, results in less ‘down time’.

How will you make sure that equipment requiring service does not negatively impact our ability to provide a tour guide to our visitors?

As with most relationships, the key is effective communication. If your visitation is seasonal and heavily skewed to specific times during the year, let us know and we will develop a plan of action to account for this. If your tour is for a ‘time limited’, temporary exhibition, we can create a factory ‘buffer stock’ for you where we would ‘swap out’ any malfunctioning equipment upon receipt, at one of our repair depots. For systems where part of the service and maintenance involves sending technicians to your site, let us know which times of the year, days of the week, and/or time of day will represent the least operational inconvenience, and we will schedule your on-site service accordingly.