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Solar Eco-Post

Solar Eco-Post

Eco-friendly Outdoor Audio Platform

The Solar Eco-Post is a solar powered eco-friendly interpretive device that requires no external power. Pressing a message button located on the front face of the post, plays an audio interpretive message. The audio content, which is powered by four solar panels, is fully reprogrammable using ‘drag and drop’ MP3 files. A heavy gauge aluminum body, an integrated outdoor rated speaker, a symmetrical and modular solar roof, and a flexible stainless steel face plate ensures maintenance free operation in varied climates or environments. Photovoltaic solar panels are arranged on the faces of the angled top to capture both the morning and afternoon sunlight for all day charging. The innovative solar panel mounting design allows easy solar optimization regardless of which way the front panel is facing. The Solar Eco-Post can be mounted to a pole or fixed mounted to a wall. For full product specifications, please download the Solar Eco-Post Brochure.

Solar Eco-Post Brochure Download

Available Versions

Standard Solar Eco-Post

The standard version of the Solar Eco-Post has a modular peaked roof with solar panels that can be positioned to capture both morning and afternoon sunlight for all day charging.

Remote Solar Array Eco-Post

Using a different cap that lacks solar panels, the Remote Solar Panel Eco-Post includes a separate solar array attached to either a 15′ or 50′ cable that allows for usage of the Eco-Post in areas with minimal sunlight. By mounting the array in a location nearby that receives adequate sunlight this version of the Eco-Post can be placed in areas such as dense forest, caves, and gazebos.

Solar Eco-Post Tether

Designed for areas where sound spill is disruptive to a users experience the Solar Eco-Post has a tethered version that allows for an individual to listen to the loaded audio content via an armored cable handset. This option is ideal for locations where ambient sound contributes to the visitor experience. Locations such as waterfalls or gardens may benefit from this option.

Companion Mounting Stand

Tour-Mate offers a Companion Mounting Stand as an option for sites that want to mount the Solar Eco-Post directly to the ground. The Companion Mounting Stand is 2 feet tall and can be bolted to the ground. The Companion Mounting Stand is constructed using the same aluminum used in the chassis of the Solar Eco-Post.

Custom Face Plates

Personalize Your Solar Eco-Post

Upgrade your Solar Eco-Post with our customizable Face Plate! Design your own or have the Tour-Mate Creative Team design one specially for your location.