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Smartphone Applications

Smartphone Applications

OSS+ Cross Platform Smart Publishing Tool – lets you build once and publish to all smartphone platforms: iPhone®, Android®, Windows®, Blackberry®, and tablets.

Digital content is increasingly consumed on mobile devices. Building engaging and interactive Mobile Applications has never been so easy!

The Tour-Mate Mobile Interpretive Solution is a fast, scalable, and cost-effective technology solution for building mobile applications across a variety of mobile devices and platforms. Building your NATIVE, WEB, or CUSTOM APPLICATIONS, with Tour-Mate ensures an enhanced mobile engagement experience.

To see examples of our Mobile Applications, please click here.

Applications are managed by a stable app publishing and editing Content Management Systems, (OSS+). It is simple and intuitive to use, allowing non technical staff to edit and manage content and marketing campaigns.

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Features of OSS+ built Apps

Works on all Smartphones

Application is device independent and works with iPhone®, Android®, Blackberry®, or Windows® device, including tablets.

Content Types

Varied media content attachments; text, images, audio, and/or videos.

Share on Social Media

Incorporate share features such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

NO technical skills required

OSS+ is completely drag and drop. Absolutely no programming skills required.

Multiple Tours

Multiple guides within each application.

Custom Home Screen

A custom branded splash screen with your specific information and logo.


Interface and locate visitors on Google Maps using GPS

Content Access

Access content in a variety of different ways; list, keypad, QR codes, ibeacons, GPS.

Monetize Apps

Monetize Apps with In App purchases on Native Applications and Code Unlock of Web Applications.

Multilingual Apps

A single application with separate language selections.

Indoor Positioning System

Locate and interact with visitors indoors using iBeacon technology


Tracks App usage and user behaviour