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Smartphone Applications

Smartphone Applications

OSS+ Cross Platform Smart Publishing Tool – lets you build once and publish to all smartphone platforms: iPhone®, Android®, Windows®, Blackberry®, and tablets.

Digital content is increasingly consumed on mobile devices. Building engaging and interactive Mobile Applications has never been so easy.

The Tour-Mate Mobile Interpretive Solution is a fast, scalable, and cost-effective technology solution for building mobile applications across a variety of mobile devices and platforms. Building your NATIVE, WEB, or CUSTOM APPLICATIONS, with Tour-Mate ensures an enhanced mobile engagement experience.

Applications are managed by a stable app publishing and editing Content Management Systems, (OSS+). It is simple and intuitive to use, allowing non technical staff to edit and manage content and marketing campaigns.

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Features of OSS+ built Apps

Share on Social Media

Incorporate share features such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Works on all Smartphones

Application is device independent and works with iPhone®, Android®, Blackberry®, or Windows® device, including tablets.

Monetize Apps

Monetize Apps with In App purchases on Native Applications and Code Unlock of Web Applications.

Content Types

Varied media content attachments; text, images, audio, and/or videos.

Multilingual Apps

A single application with separate language selections.

Content Access

Access content in a variety of different ways; list, keypad, QR codes, ibeacons, GPS.


Tracks App usage and user behaviour

Indoor Positioning System

Locate and interact with visitors indoors using iBeacon technology

Multiple Tours

Multiple guides within each application.


Interface and locate visitors on Google Maps using GPS

Custom Home Screen

A custom branded splash screen with your specific information and logo.

NO technical skills required

OSS+ is completely drag and drop. Absolutely no programming skills required.

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