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SC600 Listening Wand System

SC600 Listening Wand System

Tour-Mate’s 7th Generation Audio Interpretive System Made in North America

The SC600 Listening Wand System provides a rugged and reliable hardware platform capable of playing up to 128 hours of rich, premium audio content in up to 50 languages. Its sleek, ergonomic, telephone style design boasts an LCD screen and a random access numeric membrane keypad. Sound is delivered through an all-weather speaker embedded in the Wand, with a headphone socket available. Our Audio Guides are powered by long life rechargeable batteries and will provide all day usage between recharges, and up to two years use between battery pack replacements. For attractions with controlled access and egress, we also offer an optional Exit Alert feature which triggers an alarm inside the SC600 Listening Wand when it is in proximity to a detection unit. New with the SC600 Wands is the ability to trigger content via RF.

Editing Capability Software

The Edit Capability and Usage Logging software allows complete control over the creation and delivery of audio content, as well as the ability to track usage information. Programming and re-programming SC600 Wands is easy and fast. Up to 2,560 wands can be programmed concurrently from one PC. For full product specifications, please download the SC600 Brochure. SC600 Audio Guide Brochure Download  

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