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Tour MP3 Players

3 Versions Available

Tour MP3 Players

Tour MP3 Players

Inexpensive Audio Guide Systems

Tour MP3 Players are an innovative interpretive solution for attractions that are looking to offer to its members, sponsors, and/or visitors an inexpensive, convenient, and unique avenue with which to explore its venue. Tour-Mate offers three different Tour MP3 audio players for consideration.

All three MP3 hardware platforms offer the ability to add promotional branding. Logos and custom color printing on the players themselves are possible. Furthermore, the players can include a branded carrying pouch. All Tour MP3 players come packaged with 1 set of ear buds.

The key to this solution is in its simplicity. The Tour MP3 Players are capable of handling multiple tours and languages. These easy to use players can be loaded with a pre-recorded audio tour allowing visitors/users to choose an audio stop by simply scrolling through the tracks.

Available Versions

Tour Card MP3 Player

The Tour Card MP3 Player delivers a linear audio tour to visitors of your site, or to conference attendees. This flat, credit card sized MP3 player is a small, lightweight device with on onboard lithium ion battery. Visitors simply scroll back or forward between stops, with additional option to pause, play, reset, or change volume settings.

Tour Card Random MP3 Player

The Tour Card Random MP3 Player is similar in design to the Tour Card MP3, except it allows a user to select exhibit stops in a random access series (i.e. not linear). This is assisted by an on-board screen and numbered buttons on the device’s front panel. Visitors can also pause, play, reset, or change volume settings.

Tour Stick MP3 Player

The Tour Stick MP3 Player is Tour-Mate’s original MP3 Flash Player. It has personalized branding options and has multifunctional USB storage. The Tour Stick allows attendees to simply choose an audio stop to hear by scrolling through audio tracks and pressing play at the desired stop. The onboard digital screen allows for easy scrolling and stop selection.

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