Tourmate Sani-1150 UV-C Sanitizing Station

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Introducing the Tour-Mate UV-C Sani 1150

While COVID-19 infections usually result from person-to-person contact, infections can occur from contacting contaminated surfaces and then touching facial areas. Recent data shows that UV-C disinfection technology can help in reducing the transmission of viruses from surfaces. UV-C disinfection can be used  to eliminate any remaining contamination left after normal cleaning and disinfection. The UV-C Sani 1150 can help your organization resume safe activity and restore visitors’, or customers’ trust and comfort in visiting your business, school, hotel or attraction. Simply placing frequently touched items like electronic guides, keys, phones, eyeglasses, portable radios etc. in the sanitizing station for three minutes makes them virtually COVID-free.  

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Dimensiones 55.88 × 45.72 × 27.94 cm