MTS-200 Multi-Channel Transmission System


MTS200 D


The Tour-Mate MTS-200 Multi-Channel Transmission Systems is designed for sightseeing tour operators, stadiums, concert halls, and religious establishments which are looking for a simple to use, flexible and portable, multilingual audio transmission system. The MTS-200 system allows visitors to explore your establishment freely, without ever having their tour interrupted.

The Tour-Mate MTS-200 is comprised of two separate systems that are integrated into one device to offer multi-channel transmission solutions; a central stationary transmitter, and portable handheld receivers. Tours are managed easily using the provided program management software. Up to 8 different tours/languages can be transmitted using the MTS-200 system. These tours are transmitted wirelessly through the stationary transmitter and received through visitors receivers.  Messages can be triggered either by a remote control or via GPS.

Each language transmitter audio player has its own LCD readout monitor to provide easy communication to the system operator.  The transmitter can transmit up to a range of up to 300 ft (100m). If a longer transmission range is required, an additional antenna can be affixed to increase the broadcast distance. Each transmitter automatically sends listeners each message. The system comes standard in a sturdy rack mounted flight case with an audio player remote control and a directional antenna.  There is also a transmission voice override feature built in to allow for priority broadcast of information, by a step-on guide for example.

The tours are received by visitors on portable receivers. These receivers are tuned to the channel that broadcasts the particular language/tour the visitor wishes to hear. An auto-lock function helps to reduce accidental and problematic keystroke thumbing.  The plastic enclosure has a customizable area for different logos and can be used for self promotion and corporate sponsorship.

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