Edit Capability and Usage Logging Software



Edit Capability Software

The Edit Capability Software package is a suite of software that provides an institution the ability to create, edit, manage, and assemble its own tours. The suite includes an audio editing software along with a proprietary tour-downloader software. The tour/message editing software works on Windows XP™ or higher. The Edit Capability software comes with manuals, and a DVD tutorial.  The DVD tutorial consists of easy to follow instructions about using the Edit Capability Software.  Toll free tech support is also available with the Edit Capability Software.

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Usage Logging Software

The SC550 Usage Logging Software is a package that extracts usage logs from the Audio Wands and compiles it into usable reports. The usage information provides details relating to which audio selections have been played, when they were played, and how long they were played. This data can provide insights into which of the tour messages may need modification.


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