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Will one platform meet all of my needs?

One platform may meet most of your interpretive requirements however, if you have large numbers of both independent visitors and visitors arriving in groups, or if your venue encompasses both controlled access and uncontrolled access points, you may want to consider multiple tour delivery platforms. If you have large numbers of both free independent travelers and visitors who arrive in groups, both an individual tour guide system as well as a group guide system may make the most sense for you. Similarly, if your venue encompasses both an area with controlled access and an area that is open, without staffed entrances or exits, you may wish to consider one platform for the controlled access area and one or more platforms for the uncontrolled areas. If your institution lacks sufficient personnel to dispense and/or collect tour guide devices, then perhaps one or more platforms which do not require distribution would best meet your needs.Talk to one of our Client Service representatives. They can help you determine whether a single, or a multi-platform approach would best achieve your interpretive objectives.

How do I choose the right platform(s)?

What about visitors with special needs?

I want to add interpretation about outdoor locations which are in open, uncontrolled areas. What types of interpretive platforms should I consider?

I am thinking of implementing a smartphone tour. Do I need to have WiFi throughout my facility? If so, is this something that you will install for me?

What platforms do you recommend if I want to add interpretation indoors and outdoors?

What platform do you recommend for indoor use only?

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