Finance FAQ


What are my platform acquisition options??

For hardware based platforms, we offer equipment on an outright purchase, self-liquidating or term lease, rental, or revenue share arrangement (universal or voluntary distribution). We can also tailor a hybrid solution that meets your specific requirements e.g. seasonal variations to equipment requirements, high season/low season payment rates that more closely mirror your revenue inflows, etc. For interpretive systems where there is no hardware provided i.e. cellular and smartphone systems, fees are based upon term length, system usage, and/or services required.

What if we need additional equipment but only for specific, short periods within each year?

Can I pay by credit card?

If I choose to rent or lease a system, can I convert this into a purchase? Will I forfeit all monies already paid as lease or rental fees?

How much will service cost? Can I ‘lock in’ my future service costs?

Universal distribution or voluntary distribution – which makes the most sense for us?

What is the minimum length of time for which I can rent or lease a system?

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