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Floyd County Parks and Recreation

“We have nothing but great things to say about the Solar Eco Post.  The post is in one of our remote parks (122 acres of nature with a handicap accessible walkway) that is very low maintenance.  Besides the signage, the Eco Post goes the extra mile by informing the public through 4 push buttons the background and reason for the nature area.  I would highly recommend it as it has solved our problem of not have electricity to the area—we have also installed a solar panel for a night light in the same area as the Eco Post.”

Betsy Ross House

“Late last year I was caught off guard when I learned that, for numerous reasons, we would have to replace our very popular audio tour and we only had a few months to do it. The audio tour had been a terrific source of revenue for the Betsy Ross House, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars a year, and I was fearful that we would be forced to go through our busy spring and summer season without one. I reached out to Tour-Mate in a panic. I thought it would be impossible to develop the content, record and produce a high quality audio tour from scratch in less than six months (and on a shoestring budget!). The folks from Tour-Mate assured me that they could give us what we needed and stay within our timeline and budget. We signed a contract in February and by June we were selling our brand new audio guide to our tourists!

It’s been a pleasure to work with the Tour-Mate team. They’ve always been responsive and willing to work with us on our specific requests. Their rates are very reasonable and their equipment is durable and reliable. We’re very pleased with our partnership with Tour-Mate!”

Biltmore Estate

“It’s been a true pleasure working with your team over the past year-and a-half or so. We’re very pleased that we made the decision to work with you”

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